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Finding my way

Lately I have  been feeling lost, stuck in a rut , walled in I think its partly cause I’m being sucked in by social media. It’s influence on me has been negative … the constant need for approval, the materialism, the hate, the racism its all just so negative. So I’m trying a new thing purging my self of twitter lessening my use of Facebook ( i wish i could delete the damn thing but I’m away from home and its my family’s preferred form of communication). So I have  decided to read more free my mind from my own opinions, not just regurgitate what’s being stuffed down my throat by the media; their ideas of beauty (blonde, white, skinny, blue eyes … or the kim kardashian types), the obsession with the physical aspects of women. I want to free myself, emancipate myself from mental slavery; start believing that i can do this i can survive uni, that i can accomplish new things, and do anything i can put my mind to. Im no longer going to be enslaved!! I no longer going to believe that the false women i see on tv everyday are prettier than me, I am no longer going to be brainwashed…. Beauty is subjective!! 

I am trying positive thinking ( I CAN DO THIS) I am trying self love. Freeing myself…. is going to start from HERE. 

I dont know if anybody is going to read this as im doing this for me (im trying to find my way) so anyone who stumbles on here you’re welcome to come on this journey with me…. 

My first project will be Anna Karenina  by Leo Tolstoy, i’ll be reading it and blogging about it and its affect on my life, my take on it.

I really think i need this, I am looking for aspiration and motivation everywhere……. if anyone comes across this blog book and movie suggestions would be great .

Hopefully i can find my freedom somewhere here 

( I know this is cheesy but im gonna try it)